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Grain Procurement Policy
Prices are based on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) grain futures plus or minus local basis for a specified time frame, wheat is priced off of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange plus or minus local basis for a specified time frame.

County Line Grain Co offers a variety of contracts.  Each contract will have a specified time of delivery, commonly a two week window. Please contact our office for more information. Failure to deliver specified bushels in a stated timeframe will be considered a breach of contract and penalties or cancellations may apply.

Priced grain delivered into the elevator at Minnesota Lake will be paid for the following day after delivery, unless other arrangements have been agreed to between elevator management and the customer.  Grain that is warehouse receipted will be paid for within 24 hours upon the surrender of the warehouse receipt.  Grain that is direct shipped will be paid within 24 hours upon the settlements received within the Count Line Grain Co, office from the recipient of the grain.  All other payments of grain will be that of the management of the elevator and the customer.

Grain Contracts
The following grain contracts are for your use at County Line Grain Co.
  1. Basis Fixed
  2. Cash - Purchase and Sales
  3. Futures Only - allows one roll - requires service fee
  4. Max Basis Guaranteed - futures can be rolled one time and basis re-established one time - requires service fee
  5. Maximum Price - requires service fee
  6. Minimum Price - requires service fee
  7. Offer Contracts
  8. All other contracts are tailored to the need of the customer
All of our contracts require communication between the buyer and the seller.  All cash grain contracts require one year from agreement to cash settlement.
Call County Line Grain Co for all details on contracts.
Main Office: 507-462-3511



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