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     County Line Grain Co Elevator is located on the north edge of Minnesota Lake, MN and their Headquarter office is located at:  526 State Highway 22, P.O. Box 5, Minnesota Lake, Minnesota 56068. 

    County Line Grain is staffed, and has software for the merchandising and accounting of the inventory movement.  

    County Line Grain Co is privately owned and helps local farmers gain added value from their grain production.  The operation maintains an inventory financing loan to provide competitive merchandising services that are needed in today's cash grain operations.  

     The mission of County Line Grain Co is to be a grain elevation company dedicated to developing better solutions for the customers we serve.  It is our mission to provide better alternatives for the grain producer who uses our facility as their grain storage, handling, conditioning and marketing operations.  It is our intention to finance continued developed growth of the services we provide, through normal earnings from gaining the carry out of the market and through grain merchandising that is customary to the industry standards.  We will constantly maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

     In summary; we provide a grain company where the elevator still provides services for its customers.  Our customers are intelligent business people who want practical solutions, in getting grain profits from opportunity markets that come from normal carries of a given annual market movement.  They expect to accomplish this task through as little expenditure of time and money as possible.  These customers are looking for businesses that understand this concept and will work with them to accomplish this task.  Our management and merchandising staff has this type of understanding and experience to provide such service to such customers.

     Contact information for County Line Grain is as follows:

County Line Grain Co.
526 State Highway 22
P.O. Box 5
Minnesota Lake, Minnesota 56068

Phone:            507-462-3511

Contact people are
Bill Daly               CEO of Operations
Jane McGregor   General Accounting
Joe Daly              Grain Marketing



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