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Agri Sources, LLC provides a wide range of administrative assistant functions from its office in Minnesota Lake, MN .  Agri Sources, LLC serves a wide range of clients from businesses to individuals.  The following is a list of the different services we offer.

  • Data entry                                                                                 
  • Word processing
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Promotional Work
  • Marketing
  • Receptionist Service / Calls and Meetings
  • Logistics -Storage, Handling and Conditioning - Truck or Rail Freight
  • Grain Buying and Warehousing Licenses
  • Help Procure Insurance      
  • Human Resources
  • Management Consulting
Agri Sources, LLC's focus is to provide any needed assistant service for its client.  Some of the services will be tasks that the client does not have time or staff for.  Other tasks may be things that the clients just do not have the desire to do.  Agri Sources, LLC's primary objective is to provide the fiduciary management, to the investor that invests in real property of a specific business without either the knowledge or the staff to carry the business forward.  It is our desire to earn these investors trust, while providing the liability vail to that investor, protecting them as individuals, their land, their equipment and other investments they have made. 

Agri Sources, LLC sees this to be of considerable value to the customer.  It is the intent of Agri Sources, LLC to provide assistant services to its clients while the clients free themselves of payroll taxes, employee insurance costs and no fringe benefit expenses to the employees they have servicing their investment.  The client is not responsible for providing office space or equipment.  These expenses are contained in Agri Sources, LLC's rates.

Joe Daly
CEO & Owner

Contact info:
Phone:  507-462-3511

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